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graphic_geeks's Journal

Graphic Geeks
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Graphic Geeks

Welcome to Graphic Geeks

Do you love making and showing off blends, layouts, blinkies, dolls, web graphics and pretty much anything associated with graphic art?

Do you start drooling when you find a new technique to find out how to get the effect that you want?

This community is a showcase of the creative talent floating around in LJ land.

This is a closed community please comment to be added.

- No stealing. Stealing is bad..I shall come after you with a rusty pitchfork if you steal. There is more feeling of accomplishment when you make something yourself, than if you take someone elses work and call it your own.

- Please respect the wishes of members of this community. If they specify NOT to take a certain graphic, then please don't.

-Please use a lj cut tag when posting a big amount of graphics.

- For all graphics that are available for public use in this community, please comment and credit the artist if you take them. If you are unsure about how to credit then ask in the comments and either the artist or one of the maintainers will help you.

- No direct linking. Please upload graphics to your own webspace. Photobucket is a popular free image host.
but here is a biger list.

- If an opinion is asked about a piece of work, use constructive critism and not negative critism, offer ideas and suggestions that you think might help.

- If you use any templates, brushes, pictures from a site in your work, then please credit the site you got them from in the same post as your graphics.

- This is NOT a request community. If you really really want something customised for you, you can ask the member who made the original but if they can't or don't want to then that is their choice.

Your maintainers are: greenmuse and jadedtear

If you would like to link us feel free to use our link button:
(Please upload the graphic to your own server)

Layout Credits

Divider from Coco-nutti.com

Images from Getty Images

Various brushes (arg..brush makers: if you recognise any of your brushes, please let me know and i'll credit you properly. My apologies)